Where your letters go

We'd love you to be involved!

Our Letter of Light deliveries are sent to hospitals, Mother & Baby Units and Maternal Mental Health organisations supporting women with their maternal mental health. We are a global project and are currently partnering with global ambassadors to ensure women and organisations across the world have access to this powerful peer support service.

Hearing how our Letter of Light service has aided a woman’s recovery and has enabled healthcare professionals to support women in their care is what drives our project forward and fuels our ambition to provide this peer support service to women and organisations supporting women with their Maternal Mental Health across the world.

What the health care organisations involved in the project have to say:
"Our staff think this is an amazing project"
"Our Peer Support staff are using the letters to start conversations on maternal mental health with the women in their care"
"We are so proud to be a Letters of Light global ambassador for New Zealand"