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A Warning to PND From a Mum Who Will Not Be Beaten

As mums don’t we have enough on our hands and minds without having to deal with the terrifying reality and uncertainty of Post Natal Depression? Does Mother Nature not think that we have endured enough? Surely once we have given birth we should be left in peace to get our heads around sleepless nights, breast feeding and becoming best buddies with our new little person in a happy haze of tiny cuddles, baby grows and pyjama days?

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Meet the Team – Sarah our new Peer Support C0-Ordinator

It is with great EXCITEMENT that we get to introduce you to our wonderful new volunteer!! Since launching the project we have been inundated with requests from NHS Trusts, Mother and Baby Units and maternal mental health organisations to receive batches of letters for the mums they are supporting. Therefore, it’s wonderful to welcome Sarah…

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Kate’s Story

In our “Meet the Mums Behind the Letters” series we introduce the incredible women who have put pen to paper to help support a fellow mum.

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