How to Write a Letter of Light

Inspiration for Getting started

As women with lived experience of a maternal mental health illness, we all remember ‘that’ feeling of darkness.

The Letters of Light are peer support letters that cut through that darkness.
They offer light and hope for the mum receiving one and reassure her that she is not alone. Therefore, when you first start to write your Letter of Light hold onto that memory of how you once felt in that darkness. Cast your mind back to the words you needed to hear and start to write……

Tone of the Letters of Light

Things to bear in mind

Maternal Mental Health illnesses manifest a range of complex emotions, therefore, there are key areas to be mindful of when composing your Letter of Light.

Supportive & Kind
Focus your letter on supporting the mum reading it. Use kind words and gentle reminders that she deserves to be well. That the illness is not her fault. And that she is not alone.

Authentic & Mindful

Please do share that you have experience of a maternal mental health illness, as this will reassure the mum reading your letter that you understand what she’s going through. However, please refrain from going into detail of your experience to help safeguard against potential triggers.

Safe Peer Support

Letters of Light is a Peer Support service, providing emotional support, encouragement and hope from people with lived experience. Medical and/or psychological advice should not be included under any circumstances.

Empowering & Hopeful

Use uplifting words and hopeful messages to empower the reader. And offer reassurance that with the right help and support recovery is possible.
Format of the letter

* The letter service is anonymous, therefore, we are unable to provide details of your letter recipient. However, please feel proud that your words are supporting mums around the world.

What to Send

One postal envelope addressed to the project with the following inside:

What Happens Next

Your letter will be reviewed and placed in the next batch of letters to be delivered.

Closing date for next Wave of Letters

We have a growing waiting list for letters, therefore, please send your letter in as soon as you are able.

Where to send

The Letters of Light Project HQ

30 Pear Tree Drive,

Great Barr,
Birmingham, B43 6HU

Where to send for New Zealand

Letters of Light New Zealand
Perinatal Wellbeing Canterbury
Postnatal Depression Family/Whanau NZ Trust
16 Nepal Place [1]
Christchurch 8053
New Zealand

The Letters of Light Project is funded by donations, therefore, any donations of funds to help us keep providing this incredibly special peer support service are greatly appreciated.

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