About Letters of Light

The Story Behind the Project

Founded by mental health advocate and best selling Maternal Mental Health author, Liv Siegl, The Letters of Light Project, has been created to offer authentic and accessible peer support for women suffering with their maternal mental health across the world.

This incredibly unique and powerful project is currently connecting and supporting women worldwide with the mission of empowering every woman involved to know that there is life after a maternal mental health illness.

The Project is working alongside leading healthcare organisations worldwide to make this powerful peer support service accessible to every woman currently receiving care for their maternal mental health. If you’d like to be involved in the project please contact us at hello@lettersoflightproject.com

What the women involved in the project have to say:
“It makes my heart sing to be able to be a part of this project. It makes me feel empowered and like a better human being as I know my letter will help someone, who is suffering in silence, to heal.”
“I've loved being involved, despite being as much nervous as I was excited, the process has helped me too. Often I've wondered if we carry the guilt and shame around with us forever but actually through healing we can let go of a little bit more here and there. You're project has enabled me to do just that. I thank you for this. Don't change a thing. It's pure genius.”
“Writing the letter itself has helped me feel I'm giving something back. I still look back at the time I was suffering with real sadness so being able to hopefully support others at least makes me feel more positive.”
“A letter from any fellow mum would have definitely brightened my spirits. I hope I can give this beautiful gift to someone else in need. It helps to know, we are all in this together.”
“It meant a lot to get a letter like this from another mum who understands the battle with maternal mental health. Someone who has also suffered & fought through every hard day to offer words of support ,encouragement & love. Its a real comfort to know recovery is possible, and one day I hope to support this fantastic project & write my own letter of light.”​
“I have found comfort in reading it over and over, it arrived in the first week of "Lockdown" in the UK. I would be lying if this Lockdown hasn't bought up feelings from the newborn days as it has. But I know, I can get through this. I just have days where it gets very overwhelming but this time I can't just phone my mum to help out. My husband is a key worker here as he is a supermarket worker and its scary. Thank you, a million times.”​
“I received my Letter of Light in the week of my discharge from hospital. To receive my letter was amazing, so touching and powerful. Reading it gave me the extra positivity I needed to know that recovery is possible. It also gave me comfort to know that I am OK, it is an illness and so many women are affected by it. It allowed me for the first time since having my son to agree with the words that yes, I am a good mother and person.”