Meet Our New Volunteer

I’m so excited to announce that we now have our very own Letters of Light team made up of 2 amazing volunteers! Since launching the project over a year ago supporting women with their maternal mental health, the “team” here at the LOL HQ has been made up of just me with the help of my amazing husband (who has been an endless support and advice service) and my incredible mum manning the postage line and sending out all the letters! I am so grateful for all their help and support and as the project has evolved it quickly became apparent that in order for the project to grow then the team behind it had to as well!

Project Founder, Liv Siegl, reading through a delivery of letters

Allison has been a huge supporter of the Letters of Light project since the very beginning and was the first mum to officially receive a Letter of Light. I still remember when she first messaged me, sharing what she was going through and asking for a letter to help get her through. We’ve stayed in touch ever since and she has kept me up to date with her recovery and has supported the project every step of the way continually raising awareness of the project and encouraging mums to get involved. Therefore, it is amazing and so fitting that she is now an official part of the project and is going to be responsible for building our community and helping to raise awareness of the work the project is doing and help mums to connect with us – Mums in need of the project just like she was when she first got in touch.

Therefore, please give the wonderful Allison a huge welcome to the team as she shares why she decided to volunteer for the project and her extra special message to fellow mums who may be in need of some extra support at the moment!

Over to you Allison……

Allison Receiving the First Official Letter of Light

Can you tell us a bit about how you came to hear about and be involved in the project initially?

I saw Gemma Atkinson share the Letters of Light Project page on Instagram. I looked at the page and thought it was a fantastic project and messaged Liv to see if I could receive a letter.

How has the project helped you? Allison Receiving the First Official Letter of Light

Eleanor was my 4th baby, I didn’t suffer with Postnatal Depression with my other three children but it hit me straight away with her. I felt alone and speaking to Liv and being able to receive a letter was emotional and showed me that I wasn’t alone in this. 

What was it like receiving your Letter of Light?

Receiving a Letter of Light was so special. I could never of imagined how words on a piece of paper could have such a positive impact. 

How did writing your own Letter of Light make you feel?

Writing my Letter of Lightre I could see how far I had come. I wanted to help another mum on her journey the way I was supported with mine. 

What made you want to volunteer for the project?

I wanted to volunteer because Liv and the project have helped and supported me so much that I wanted to be able to give something back and help another mum in anyway I could. 

What will you be doing for the project and what are you most looking forward to?

I am the new Community Ambassador. Therefore, I will be building a community around the project supporting women, sharing experiences on Facebook and Instagram. I will be liaising with letter writers and sharing their stories with fellow mum and helping to grow the community. I can’t wait to help other mums on their journey and be able to support the community of letter writers with their letter writing. 

What would you tell fellow mums during this challenging time?

You are incredible just as you are. Don’t compare yourself to other mums and remember you are already enough! 

How can other mums help support the project and be part of the LOL community?

Subscribe to the website , follow the project on instagram and Facebook and join the Letters of Light Community. You can also register to write a letter here.

Allison settling into her role as Community Ambassador

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