Meet the Team – Sarah our new Peer Support C0-Ordinator

It is with great EXCITEMENT that we get to introduce you to our wonderful new volunteer!!

Since launching the project we have been inundated with requests from NHS Trusts, Mother and Baby Units and maternal mental health organisations to receive batches of letters for the mums they are supporting. Therefore, it’s wonderful to welcome Sarah as our new Peer Support Co-ordinator to help us fulfil our ambitions of providing our Letter of Light service to all NHS Trusts and MMH service providers across the UK.

Let’s hear from Sarah about her new role and her reasons for volunteering….

Can you tell us a bit about how you came to hear about and be involved in the project initially?

I was looking for initiatives to help support mums with their maternal mental health. It was by chance I came across the Letters of Light project on social media and I knew immediately it was something I wanted to be involved in!

How has the project helped you?

The project has helped me to realise the importance of lived experience between mothers and the powerful impact supporting each other can have.

What made you want to volunteer for the project?

I wanted to help raise awareness of the project and help ensure more mums in need, receive a Letter of Light.

What will you be doing for the project and what are you most looking forward to?

I will be building on the relationships we have with NHS Trusts, maternity services and organisations supporting mums and new parents. Alongside this I will also be creating new relationships to ensure we provide this incredibly special and powerful peer support service to women and maternal mental health services throughout the UK and beyond.

What would you tell fellow mums during these challenging times?

Don’t be hard on yourself! You are doing amazing, just as you are. Do what is best for you and your family and don’t compare yourself with others as behind it all everyone has their own struggles. Take it day by day or hour by hour if you need to.

How can NHS Trusts and MMH organisations help support the project and receive Letters of Light for the women they support?

NHS Trusts and MMH organisations can help support the project by signing up to receive a pilot pack of letters and sharing our peer support service with their colleagues and women in their care. The more awareness we can create for the project the more women we can support with our special service! If an organisation or NHS trust would like more information on the project and how to sign up to the service, then all they need to do is pop over to our lovely website to register. You can also contact me direct for any further info at

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The Letters of Light Project provides an authentic and non-intrusive peer support service that has captured the support of mums and leading healthcare organisations. We are proud to be delivering the Letters of Light service to NHS Trusts, Mother & Baby Units and Maternal Mental Health organisations throughout the UK. And are working with global ambassadors to deliver this peer support service in their respective countries, supporting mums and their maternal mental health around the world. Please support the project by subscribing to our website and following us on social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you have lived experience of a maternal mental health illness and would like to write your own Letter of Light for the project please register here and sign up to our Facebook community of letter writers for handy tips and advice on writing your letter.

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