The Letters of
 Light Project

Changing the world one letter at a time…

"The Letters of Light Project is a shining star in a dark night"
"My Letter of Light is one of the best things I have received in the post"
“I re-read my Letter of Light over and over some days”
“My letter lives on the fridge. It helps to know it's there and that other mums have recovered”
"My Letter of Light gives me hope and something to turn to when life feels hard”
“My Letter of Light fills me with love to know that I'm not alone and I can pick myself up”
"Each evening before bed I have a read through my precious Letter of Light”

About Letters of Light

A global project sending handwritten letters of support from mums with lived experience of maternal mental health to mums currently suffering with theirs.

The Letters of Light Project provides an authentic and non-intrusive peer support service that has captured the support of mums and leading healthcare organisations.

We are proud to be delivering the Letters of Light service to NHS Trusts, Mother & Baby Units and Maternal Mental Health organisations throughout the UK. And are working with global ambassadors to deliver this peer support service in their respective countries, supporting mums and their maternal mental health around the world.

We have already come so far...

Since launch, the project has lovingly delivered hundreds of letters to mums in need throughout the UK and to numerous NHS Trusts, Mother & Baby Units and MMH Organisations. Farther afield, the project has delivered Letters of Light to organisations in New Zealand, America, Canada and Vanuatu, helping to fulfill the projects ambitions of supporting mums globally.

It truly is a project that supports all who are involved – Offering authentic peer support to mums in need. Providing a real sense of healing for the mums writing their Letter of Light. And providing a powerful peer support tool for organisations supporting mums with their maternal mental health.

There are lots of ways you can get involved in the project. Register to write a Letter of Light. Subscribe to receive a Letter of Light for yourself, a loved one or an organization. Share our project on social media to help raise awareness. And make a donation to the project to help us fund our next delivery of letters by visiting our fundraiser on Facebook.

We would love to have you involved and help us in our mission to change the world of maternal mental health one letter at a time!

It was a joy to use my words to help another Mum.
Letter of Light Writer
To receive my letter was amazing, so touching and powerful. Reading it gave me the extra positivity I needed to know that recovery is possible. It gave me comfort to know that I am OK.
Letter of Light Recipient
I'm part of an amazing group of women supporting and empowering each other.
Letter of Light Writer
Receiving a Letter of Light is a whole new level of therapy.
Letter of Light Recipient
Sending my Letter of Light was one of the happiest days of my MMH journey.
Letter of Light Writer
I cannot express my gratitude to receive something so personal like this.
Letter of Light Recipient

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We would love to have you involved and help us in our mission!

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